Committing to Write a Post a Week


My writing habit is inconsistent. I will write everyday for a week and then not write another word for the next month (or more). It’s inconsistent for a number of reasons. The biggest one is that writing is hard. Things that are hard are usually procrastinated on. Things that are hard are also usually worth doing. Procrastination must be overcome to accomplish hard tasks like consistent writing.

With practice, hard things become easier and the end product becomes better. When I read my writing from years ago, I cringe at how bad it is. But I also get insight into how far I have come in my writing journey.

The ability to write well is valuable. Written communication is one of most in demand skills for employers. Being a better writer is a huge competitive advantage in the job market.

As I write more on this blog, I realize that writing is not about the number of people who read a post. It’s more about getting internal thoughts out of the head and on to the page or screen. Other people getting value from one’s writing is just a nice side benefit of the writing process. Most posts on this site get less than 100 readers. It is still worth spending time writing in my opinion. The writing process allows me to better structure my thoughts, even if others don’t benefit much from what I have written.

Every person is walking around with a lifetime of knowledge in their heads. A lot of that information others would find valuable if only it were accessible and not locked in the person’s mind. I myself read a ton of non-fiction books, have been practicing yoga for the last few years, am into trail running and software development. I have so much accumulated knowledge that I feel obligated to share. I just have to commit to spending the time to document my knowledge through writing it down in this blog.

With writing being hard and my tendency to procrastinate working on it, the only path forward is to commit to a writing cadence. Socially committing to an action is an a great way to incentive completing that action. With this post, I commit to writing one post every week. Please give me grief if I don’t follow through.


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